How much does a car air conditioning re-gas cost and how often do you need one?

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When it comes to your car air conditioning, it can run out of refrigerant gas right when you need it. Unfortunately, your car air conditioning isn’t checked during a main service, so it can be difficult to know when it needs a bit of looking after. After a bit of time, you may notice that the air no longer blows out cold. This is because you’re in need of a car air conditioning re-gas.

Refilling your car’s refrigerant gas

Each year your car will leak out around 10% of your car’s refrigerant gas. Don’t worry, this is completely normal. As it’s a gas it can easily leak out of vents and joints in the air system. It doesn’t mean you need major repairs to your air conditioning system.

Having a car air conditioning re-gas, or ‘recharge’ as it is also known as is really easy to do. Most garages offer an air-conditioning recharge, often having an in-house specialist who can quickly get your air con back up and running smoothly

How often does an air con re-gas need to take place?

It’s always best to check your car’s handbook for when you need an air conditioning re-gas. Most manufacturers recommend, though, to get it sorted every 2 years or so. Once a year, a small amount leaks out, so getting a recharge to your car’s air conditioning every couple of years can keep it operating efficiently.

How much does it cost?

Getting an air conditioning re-gas is often really cheap compared to your annual service. You can often find some good deals too coming into the Spring. The range of price can be anywhere from around £20 to £55 depending on your type of vehicle. For newer vehicles made after January 2017 and for some models made in 2014 onwards, they have a new gas called R1234YF. This isn’t done in every garage and will often cost a bit more. It’s always best to inquire if your local garage can do this for you.

Your air conditioning maintenance can save you money

The best thing about getting your car air conditioning re-gas done regularly is that it can help to prevent damage to your system. Keeping the right amount of gas pressure keeps the system lubricated and working efficiently. Therefore, you can enjoy the summer using your vehicle.

What’s more, having a working car air conditioning means you don’t need to keep your windows down. Sounds funny, but this can actually cost you money when driving at speed. Having the windows down can force your engine to work harder. So getting regular car air conditioning maintenance can really help to save you money in the long run.

Where can I get a car air conditioning re-gas?

Most garages will offer a car air conditioning re-gas, just as we do at ours. The best way you can get one is to book online at any time. Make sure you do it before the hot weather comes in to make the most of your re-gas as soon as it’s done. Be sure to book your air conditioning service online using our quick and easy booking tool!

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