Why is the taxi industry changing so quickly?

Taxis have always been a popular, reliable and safe mode of transport for many years. Taxis are usually sourced by calling a local cab firm, ordering a cab and then paying cash when you arrive at your location. However, in recent years we’ve changed the way we order taxis - this is thanks to the [...]

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A guide to making a motor complaint

As a nation we’re pretty good at complaining, aren’t we? Whether it’s about our tea being cold because we forgot to drink it or the fact that the cost of everything seems to be ever increasing. But another thing we love to complain about is all things motor related - from the person on the [...]

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A guide to the new practical driving test

Understanding the new practical driving test New drivers don’t have an easy time when they’re learning to drive, whether they’re paying a lot of money for driving lessons or trying to get to grips with finding their first car. And now to add to this stress, the practical driving test is changing and it doesn’t [...]

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