3 things motorway lessons can teach learner drivers

A motorway with cars and lorries driving on it

Driving on the motorway can be overwhelming and confusing as it’s a completely different experience to driving in everyday life. However, that could soon change as learner drivers can now officially have lessons on the motorway. Of course there are some limitations to this – as drivers will need to be in a car with dual controls and an approved driving instructor. While the new rule won’t influence the driving test there are still a number of things drivers can learn.

1. Motorway etiquette

Motorway driving and road driving are two completely different experiences. Being aware of how it works can save a lot of long term anxiety before driving onto it. In motorway lessons, drivers will learn how to join and leave properly. They’ll also get the chance to learn how to overtake and use the lanes properly. Doing all of this which make drivers aware of other vehicles on the road – and motorway etiquette.

2. Driving faster

Now, we’re not suggesting that learners will be racing down the M25 like they’re in a Fast and Furious film but they’ll learn how to driver quicker. A common mistake new drivers make is driving too slowly – so, having this skill will keep them safe. Motorway speeds are much higher than your average 30 mile per hour road, so, learning this skill will make drivers more confident too.

3. Motorway signs

Drivers learn motorway signs as part of their theory test but don’t put their knowledge to use until after passing their practical test. However, with motorway lessons drivers will be able to learn what actions to take after they see different signs. This will contribute to safer driving as learners won’t hesitate and will know what to do when they’re on the motorway by themselves.

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