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How Does A Diagnostic Check Work?

A diagnostic check is one of the most useful ways to find out what’s wrong with your vehicle – but how does it actually work? And what’s the most important part of the process?... Read More

27th March 2020

What to do after a car accident

Knowing what to do after a car accident increase your chances of a successful insurance claim – but what steps do you follow? Read on to increase your confidence if the worst happens.... Read More

28th February 2020

Three tips to improve your motorway driving this New Year

Learn how to become improve your motorway driving with Neves Garage! We offer you a few simple tips to become a better and more considerate driver this year.... Read More

27th January 2020

What does an MOT failure mean for me?

MOT failure can be a stressful experience, but what should you do to get through it? If you’re not sure what to do in this situation, this guide is for you!... Read More

13th December 2019

What is a Car Service?

Depending on whether you’ve booked an interim, full or major service, the mechanic will check a different number of points on the car.... Read More

27th November 2019

UK’s best driving locations this Autumn

It’s no secret that the UK has some beautiful landscapes and many of them are best explored in your car, just as Summer changes into Autumn.... Read More

10th September 2019

What happened to the government's Plug-In car grant?

In a bid to limit the damage that comes from our car engines - the government has been trying to encourage people to use more eco-friendly forms of transport.... Read More

14th January 2019

How to prepare for a car journey with your dog

We all remember our firsts in life - first steps, first words, first kisses and of course our first time driving on the motorway!... Read More

23rd August 2018

3 things motorway lessons can teach learner drivers

We all remember our firsts in life - first steps, first words, first kisses and of course our first time driving on the motorway!... Read More

25th June 2018

How much does a car air conditioning re-gas cost and how often do you need one?

During a regular vehicle service, your air conditioning isn't checked. It's important to know when to take your vehicle in for an air-con service... Read More

10th May 2018

What can you expect from the new MOT test changes?

Have you heard about the new MOT changes in 2018? New faults are being introduced and stricter guidelines are being set in place.... Read More

27th March 2018

Why is the taxi industry changing so quickly?

Taxis have always been a popular, reliable and safe mode of transport for many years. However, the industry is changing very quickly.... Read More

9th January 2018

Things that could be impacting car sales in the UK

Car sales have been falling in the UK for the last seven months, so we think it’s safe to say the motor industry is under a bit of pressure.... Read More

30th November 2017

A guide to making a motor complaint

As a nation, we're pretty good at putting in a complaint - wouldn't you agree. Although some might be too afraid, or may even not know how to do so.... Read More

2nd November 2017

3 things you need to know about the future of electric vehicles

We'd always assumed that by now we'd have flying cars as our preferred mode of transport but sadly that isn't the case (yet).... Read More

10th October 2017

A guide to the new practical driving test

From the 4th December 2017, new practical driving test rules will be put in place. The DVSA want to modernise beginner drivers to a lifetime of safe driving... Read More

11th August 2017