Three tips to improve your motorway driving this New Year

It’s part of the daily commute for many motorists in the UK but how safe is your motorway driving? Even with years of experience, it’s easy to become distracted or pick up bad tips which leave us and other drivers at risk. So, if you’re going to change one thing this New Year, make sure you follow these three simple tips and improve your motorway driving style.

Motorway driving is tiring, so take regular breaks

This is less important for the daily commute but, if you’re planning on driving three or four hours on a motorway, it’s imperative to keep yourself refreshed and your concentration levels high. If you ever feel yourself getting tired, pull into the nearest service station and take twenty minutes to stretch your legs and have a hot drink. Don’t push your body too far and run the risk of losing concentration at the wrong moment.

Leave more distance than you might think

Tailgating is both annoying and incredibly dangerous. If you drive too close to another car on the motorway, you won’t give yourself enough time to react if they have to brake suddenly. They’re also unlikely to be best please with you! Leave at least two chevrons (the white arrows painted on the road) between yourself and the car in front at all times and double that distance in the rain.

Remember that not everyone is as confident at motorway driving as you are

If someone hasn’t got as much motorway driving experience as you, they might not drive as fast as you do. Never rush them. There are three lanes so, if you’re driving behind a slower driver, always overtake them calmly rather than hounding them. Don’t immediately cut them up either. Give every driver time and space to manoeuvre and signal your intentions in plenty of time. Indicate a couple of seconds before you change lane or exit the motorway – not as you’re in the process of doing so.

Even though motorway driving doesn’t involve looking out for the same hustle and bustle as urban driving, it requires just as much concentration. It’s vitally important to keep yourself and everyone else safe at all times so, if you’ve fallen into bad habits, now’s the best time to kick them!

Always ensure your vehicle is in its best condition to encourage safe driving. If you’re not sure when your last car service was and think motorway driving could worsen its condition, book an appointment with Neves Garage in Sidcup today. Our online booking process makes it incredibly simple.