What does an MOT failure mean for me?

One of the worst pieces of news to receive is that your car has failed its MOT. It’s easy to start panicking in this situation, unsure of what you should do next to get your car back on the roads. Fortunately, MOT failure isn’t the end of the world. Here are the most important things to remember and the next steps to take after a failed MOT test.

The immediate aftermath of MOT failure

First and foremost, your car will need repairs. You can only drive your car away from the garage if last year’s MOT certificate is still valid – and only then if it doesn’t have any dangerous faults. More often than not, your car will have to stay with the garage and have all the faults repaired. There is an appeal process if you believe your MOT failure is unjust, but the chances of overturning a decision are very slim. If you’re successful, your MOT cost may be fully or partially refunded – but you do have to pay for this appeal!

The cost of MOT failure

If you do decide to drive your car away from the garage, you will still need to book an appointment to have your minor repairs fixed before you can rebook your MOT. Your car needs a valid MOT at all times to remain road legal. If you’re pulled over by the police, you could be hit with a fine of £1,000 if your MOT has run out!

The next steps you can take to get back on the road

MOT failure may feel like the end of the world, but it certainly isn’t. The mechanic who failed your MOT will know exactly what is needed to make it safe and road legal again and so is the best person for the job. They can carry out the repairs and a full MOT retest as soon as possible, meaning your MOT failure will quickly be overturned!

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