What is a Car Service?

Every driver knows about their MOT, right? That’s the annual legal requirement designed to keep your car as safe and road legal as possible and is an absolute must for every driver. However, while everyone remembers about their MOT, a car service can often be overlooked, especially if budgets are stretched. Many people don’t know why it’s just as important as an MOT test, but a car service helps with your safety just as much as an MOT does.

What happens during a car service?

Depending on whether you’ve booked an interim, full or major service, the mechanic will check a different number of points on the car. An interim service checks the fewest components and a major is the most comprehensive car service you can book. As a result, you only need to book a major once every two years, but you can book an interim every six months, with a full car service every year. Each service will make sure your car’s fluids are topped up, nothing is leaking and there are no broken components which could increase your risk of an accident.

The differences between a car service and an MOT test

You might still be thinking that a car service is just another MOT test, but that’s far from the truth. While they both inspect very similar things, an MOT is just a check of these components whereas, with a car service, anything that’s found to be worn or broken will be replaced by the mechanic. Also, there’s no pass or fail mark for a car service so it doesn’t matter if you suspect there are a lot of components which need replacing – the mechanic will do so as part of the appointment.

It’s a process that gives plenty of benefits

It’s important to remember to book a car service at least once a year. That’s because there are a wide range of advantages to maintaining a regular service schedule. Not only will you save money in the long run as potential breakdowns will be avoided, you’ll also have a car that’s running in its absolute best condition. This will improve fuel economy and your car’s lifespan in turn, contributing to a more economical, easy to run vehicle.

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